Christ the King School offers summer programming in NW Ohio

Many schools are running summer programs for students due to the pandemic and possible loss of learning. The Christ the King School controls summer courses.

TOLEDO, Ohio – It’s no surprise this school year was drastically different than previous years.

With all the changes from COVID-19, Christ the King School asked families how they felt about introducing a summer school program for students.

“It was a very popular option. So we looked at the summer programs and teamed up with Think Stretch. We are going to offer this three-week summer program for students in grades K through 8,” said school principal Steve Urbanski.

Each day, students start with reading and math and finish the day with a STEM-based activity like digging up dinosaur fossils and building a rocket that has fifth grader Killian Mason over the moon.

“Launch missiles! Because I really do. I really care. We’ll build them and then launch them,” Mason said.

He’s also looking forward to spending more time with his classmates.

“It’s going to be more of a normal year, like a school, but in a summer climate,” he said.

Urbanski estimates that there will be around 75 to 100 students attending this summer, which is about 25% of their student population.

Depending on how things are going after the three weeks, there is a possibility that they could keep it for future summers.

“Once this is done in a couple of weeks, we can interview the families, ask them for their thoughts on what we can do better, what we would change, and then we’ll see what we need to do,” Urbanski said.

The summer program takes place from June 7th to 24th.


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