Bowling Green, Toledo unveil new uniforms for 2019 season

The college football season kicks off in 18 days with a double headset of Arizona versus Hawaii and Florida versus Miami (FL). Spring training has started across the country, 30 days before each team’s opening game. With the dawn of spring practices, unified revelations come.

At a time when uniforms are seemingly being replaced every 2-4 years, two MAC rivals revealed new threads this week – the Bowling Green Falcons and the Toledo Rockets.

Bowling green

Bowling Green (@BG_Football) unveiled its new white jerseys on Twitter on August 4th. The last major overhaul of the Falcons uniform took place before the 2015 season when they removed the wings from the shoulders and changed the fonts of the numbers and “bowling green” on the front of the shirt.

Bowling Green will emulate the continuing trend in college football to simplify uniforms. “Bowling Green” is written in a bolder, sans serif font across the chest and the numbers have also lost their serifs. The shoulder now features a dark brown and orange double stripe and there are many features that are reminiscent of the Cleveland Browns jerseys launched in 2015. The 150 year mark is also on the upper right shoulder pad.

Bowling Green also posted more photos of the new uniforms on Tuesday. Here are a few more close-ups of the falcons’ new gear.

To compare with the white uniforms of the previous era that Bowling Green wore on the street from 2015-18.

Photo by Brian Murphy / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Toledo missiles

Toledo released its new uniforms in a rather subtle way. On Tuesday afternoon, the Rockets (@ToledoFB) posted a photo of Chris’Seon Stringer in the Freshman on Twitter to commemorate the 25 days leading up to the start of the season against Kentucky. This photo is different from the previous countdown photos of the account in that it shows an unprecedented uniform with the college football’s 150th anniversary patch.

Toledo is no stranger to changing uniforms. The Rockets switched their clothing sponsor from Under Armor to Nike in the summer of 2017. Toledo is also a fan of the simplification trend in college football. The Rockets often wore simple yellow jerseys last season, including their last game in the Bahamas Bowl. However, the blue 2018 kits contrasted with the yellow by boasting a double shoulder stripe and unique numbering.

The new blue jerseys appear to mimic the yellow threads worn last year, except that they feature a full yellow double shoulder stripe. A small double yellow stripe can also be seen at the bottom of the pants. The new blue uniforms match the previous uniform designs.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 24.  West Michigan in Toledo

Photo by Scott W. Grau / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The new blue jerseys for 2019 take a page from last year’s yellow jerseys in terms of simplification. However, the numeric font no longer contains serifs, while yellow double stripes have been added throughout.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: September 15, Miami in Toledo

Photo by Scott W. Grau / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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