Attorney donates sports equipment to keep kids on the field and off the streets

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – The recent surge in gun violence in the city inspired a local to break away from the sidelines and join efforts to change that. He focuses on working with some of the children in Toledo schools by donating exercise equipment and supplies.

Joshua Williams got the idea after recently watching the Bowsher High School football team practice. He hopes to be able to extend this aid to all municipal schools one day.

“It’s very easy for our children to go the wrong way,” said Williams.

Williams is a Toledo defender who also coached youth football in the city for 15 years on the sidelines.

“Toledo is recovering in many ways, but it is being held back by gun violence and violence among young people,” he said.

Williams believes that sports and school activities are a big part of the solution.

“It tears at my heart when I see a former player of mine in the courtroom and I have to represent him,” said Williams. “For me, that means that I somehow let her down as a coach. I often think what I could have done differently for this particular child. “

Williams recently bought some soccer gear to be given to players at Bowsher, and that’s just the beginning.

“The plan is to get more community organizers, companies and lawyers involved in the campaign,” said Williams. “We call the campaign Classroom over the Courtroom.”

Once the nonprofit is in place, Joshua plans to help a number of schools in the district.

“We will contact each school to see what they need,” he said. “I understand that they are expanding the after-school activities at TPS, so we will provide support wherever we can.

This mission is personal to Williams. He was a student in the district.

“Our slogan is TPS Proud. It really means something when people who have gone through TPS come back and pass it on, ”said Linda Meyers, Transformational Leader of Community Engagement at TPS.

Sports equipment and uniforms are expensive, and donations are a great help for the county. Meyers says that the nice gestures have not escaped the students.

“Our students may not tell us every day, but they really appreciate every penny that is donated to the schools and every minute someone spends with them encouraging and supporting them,” said Williams.

Williams and some of his employees at Groth and Associates are in the process of creating the nonprofit. They assume it will be operational in the coming months.

If you’d like to get involved, call the law firm at 419-930-3030 and ask for Joshua.

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