Adam Toledo Chicago: Kim Foxx’s office concludes attorney did not intend give impression teen was holding gun when shot by CPD

CHICAGO (WLS) – Cook County prosecutors last month completed their internal investigation into a Bond court hearing on the Adam Toledo case, finding that a number of missteps had been committed.

On April 10, 21-year-old Ruben Roman, who police said was dating 13-year-old Toledo on the night of his fatal shooting in Little Village by a Chicago police officer, appeared in a Bond Court.

During the hearing, District Attorney Jim Murphy described the police body camera footage of the shooting, saying it showed Toledo with a gun in his right hand. In court, Murphy said when Toledo turned to the officer, the officer shot him in the chest.

What he didn’t mention was that Toledo actually dropped the gun less than a second before Officer Eric Stillman fired the fatal shot.

The court statements came days before the Civil Police Responsibility Office released the video that actually showed Toledo dropping the gun.

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The police had also originally said that their officer shot Toledo after an “armed confrontation”. CPD Superintendent David Brown responded to this misinformation.

“I don’t like the generic ‘armed confrontation’ and I have asked my communications people to stop and stop using this as a description of things that have not yet been proven,” Brown said. “It may turn out to be an armed confrontation, but until then we should relate to things in much more general terms until we know for sure.”

On Wednesday, Cook County Attorney Kim Foxx’s office said an investigation into the hearing revealed “a disruption in communication in the disclosure of information that was ultimately not brought to Attorney Foxx either before or in time after Bond Court.” Listen.”

The bureau said the attorney “did not want to create the impression that Adam Toledo was holding a gun when firing.”

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It went on to say: “The statements in question in the bondholder should not describe the sequence of events that led to the shooting by the official, but merely provide facts in connection with the three charges brought against the defendant Ruben.”

Foxx’s office said the lawyer’s language was “unartful”.

“The tragedy of the death of a 13-year-old boy has been clouded by the confusion and frustration my office has caused, and I apologize for that,” Foxx said in a statement. “I am not lost that our church is grieving, and I want to reassure Adam’s family and the public that my office is busy investigating his death.”

Various actions have been described in the prosecutor’s office that will be taken in the future, including training on how to present facts in court and further reviews and deliberations.

The attorney who made the statements to the Bond Court has returned to his job and is no longer on vacation.

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