Aboriginal people in Toledo share their thoughts on the use of urban stimuli

$ 180.9 million is part of the US federal rescue program.

Toledo, Ohio – Starting July 22, Toledo City Council and Mayor Wade Caps Suzukievich will hold six public meetings to decide what to do with the federal government’s $ 180 million incentive for Grass City. Do. This is more than half of Toledo’s total annual budget, and the people of Toledo already have many ideas on how to use this money to solve various problems in the city.

“Personally, I think we have to work on housing and the homeless,” said Lisa Pengrov.
“It brings more education and more professional development,” said Ron Tigerina.

“I’ve seen children die every day. The kids I’ve seen training soccer and basketball aren’t here, ”said Vince Staples of the need for a better youth program. I looked back.

Each of them has seen a struggle and sees this money as a welcome opportunity to make better changes to their community.

“We could create something new, right? We were able to create a better program for people in need of housing and the homeless, ”Pengrov continued.

Money-sharing staples can be used to reduce gun violence.
“Instead of, ‘I live on this side of town, you live on this side of town,’ it will stop a lot of violence, like a fun night out or something that kids can enjoy and interact with. “Staples said. ..

These people have different views on how money should be spent, but they all agree that a meeting is worth it.

“We talk a lot about attending and attending these conferences – it’s our community and we have to do something with the communities we attend,” said Pengrov.

Ron Tijerina recommends using a meeting if something is to be done with this money.
“If you don’t come to the table, people won’t know what you need. If you don’t come to the table, people will know what you’ve been through and where you are today. No, “I can’t eat a closed mouth,” said Tigerina.

The final meeting with the public will be on August 31st, and until then there is no clear prospect of how the money will be spent. However, the funds must be spent by the end of 2026 so Toleduan can expect the results of this incentive in the near future.

Aborigines in Toledo share their thoughts on using urban stimuli

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