AAA helps record number of drivers in northwest Ohio

It helped more than 1,500 stranded drivers in northwest Ohio from Sunday through Thursday, according to the AAA.

TOLEDO, Ohio – More than 1,500 drivers were stranded in northwest Ohio in the past week, according to the AAA. That’s three times the number of calls they typically get at this time of year.

Most of the calls were about dead batteries in cold temperatures and towing services for drivers stuck in the snow.

AAA says to prevent your battery from draining, be proactive and get it tested. If it is at all questionable, have it replaced.

According to Matt Barnes, manager of AAA in Toledo, extremes are what really wipes out batteries. “Extreme heat, extreme cold. This car has to work twice as hard to start in cold weather, and a battery that is marginal will fail at such extremes,” said Barnes.

Other things you can do to avoid getting stranded are checking your tire pressures before hitting the road. Make sure that the recommended pressure is reached. Also, make sure your windshield wipers are working and your windshield washer fluid is tested below 20 degrees so it doesn’t freeze on you.

Suppose you are stranded. It is important to remember to be safe.

Barnes says, “Don’t get out of your car because when the roads are bad there is a very good chance someone will slide over you and actually injure you.”

According to the AAA, it is also important that your cell phone is always fully charged and that an emergency kit is in your vehicle with the necessary supplies for the worst case scenario.

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