42-hour marathon vaccination clinic in northwest Ohio

A “Vaccinathon” around the clock offers the opportunity to be vaccinated at will, without obstacles such as working hours or accessibility problems.

TOLEDO, Ohio – In the race to get everyone vaccinated, great efforts are being made to make it as convenient as possible.

One of the most ambitious is a “vaccinathon”, in which all three vaccines are offered for 42 hours in a walk-through manner.

Community Partners expect long days but say this is part of the process to keep everyone safe.

The Vaccine Marathon Clinic operates just like other previous Escuela SMART Academy clinics on Western Avenue in the Old South End.

“There’s still a big boost in the community. I think we’re probably 50% vaccinated and need to increase the numbers,” said Dr. Richard Paat, clinical professor of medicine in the College of Medicine at the University of Toledo. “Especially the communities we work in, the Latino, the black, the homeless and the migrant communities.”

A medical team with Community Care Clinics will vaccinate anyone 12 and over who wants the shot.

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“Perhaps coincidentally, but it is certainly a coincidence that we can start vaccinating from the age of 12. Especially since we work at the SMART school in Escuela and with the principals Jessica Molina and Toledo Public Schools,” said Paat.

They have also partnered with organizations like Veterans Matter that help the homeless population.

“We’ve been working with the unknowns for 30 years. Many of the people we work with already know who we are. So if we go down and talk to them, they already trust us and we’ll just give them the opportunity,” said Ken Leslie, Chief Advocate for Veterans Matter.

Volunteers will educate, transport and give access to the people they meet who are interested in vaccination.

Leslie says they even plan to stay up during one of the nights.

“We’re going to have a lightning bolt overnight on Saturday too. Where teams go to the different places where we know people are camping and make sure they have the ability because we can help them get vaccinated right away to let.” in real time, “said Leslie.

All three vaccines are offered in the clinic.

Leslie says her volunteers are working hard to get people back for their second dose.

The entire crew working together to make the Vaccinathon a reality is ready and looking forward to the race ahead.

“I’m used to working long hours and working in the middle of the night. I bring my hammock so that I get a wink at some point,” said Paat.

Now all they are looking for is guns that can be vaccinated.

The vaccinathon takes place at the Escuela SMART Academy at 617 Western Ave.

It starts on Friday, May 14th at 6 p.m. and lasts until Sunday, May 16, at 12 p.m.

You can call 419-318-2191 to schedule an appointment, but walk-ins are welcome.

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